Year 2018 Apply

Crew Resource Management training

The objective of this training is to optimize the cooperation within the crew resulting in the optimal sharing of relevant information with one another and thereby building mutual Situational Awareness (SA) . Another purpose of this training is to offer an insight into human behaviour. This is done in order to reduce the possibility of human error and to limit the consequences of errors made.

The initial training is 2 days and the recurrent training is 1 day every 3 years. The training consists of an interactive part with serious gaming (by use of 2 iPads). Purpose of this interactive part is to observe and analyse human behaviour.

This game has already been used for 3 years and needs to be replaced. Therefore CML is looking for an alternative solution. This does not necessarily need to be another game. CML is open for any option such as a role play or something entirely different.

The CML requires the implementation of an new interactive part of the course to train air crews on :

  • Crew cooperation
  • Situational awareness
  • Leadership
  • Decision making

The behaviour fitting to these four categories (or a selection of the four) should be displayed during the interactive part. The application possibilities of the solution could be copied for other parts of the Defense Organization where these aspects are trained as well.

The challenge
Provide a new interactive training part of the Crew Resource Management (CRM) training course.

The solution has to  be scalable and multipurpose. We want to be able to copy the solution to other parts of the organization.