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Data analysis on examination results

Part of Royal Netherlands Air Force is the Centre for Man in Aviation (CML). Military airmen and airwomen must be and must remain mission-ready, both in physical and mental terms. CML in Soesterberg is responsible for mission readiness among flight personnel. This leading international research institute understands what people in aviation must be capable of under extreme conditions and thereto trains Air Force personnel to the required level.

Candidate airmen and airwomen, as well as air traffic controllers, tactical control officers and loadmasters go through an extensive selection process at the CML. During this selection process the individual’s demonstrated competencies and skills are scored using pen & paper forms.

At the end of the assessment all scores are manually registered in an Excel sheet (in a secured military environment). The manual registration is inefficient and error-sensitive. This Excel file makes it possible to lookup results at a resit (re-examination), but more importantly to review the selection process. For the review, the stakeholders send questions to a data manager who answers them by using Excel functions or static tools. To gain better, and faster insight into the selection process and results there is a need for a flexible reporting tool.

The challenge
Make it possible to register selection results directly and to report on those in a direct and flexible way.


  • The solution has to  be scalable and multipurpose. We want to be able to copy the solution to other parts of the organization.
  • The solution has to be secure (according to the Military standards).