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Duty scheduling at Airbase Eindhoven

As is common for most airports duty-hours are not from 8am till 5pm. Depending on the employees tasks and function different schedules need to be used. Although there is a standard duty schedule, Airbase Eindhoven puts a lot of effort in making sure that work shifts are possible with the minimum amount of qualified personnel.

The Commander of Airbase Eindhoven values sustainable employability and a healthy life-balance for her employees. Therefore she wants to reduce the amount of effort needed by the Coordination Cell to create the duty schedules and at the same time give the airbase employees more self-control and responsibility to plan their own work shifts and work towards a trustworthy registration of actual worked hours.

The challenge
Provide a tool/solution by which the air force employees are able to co-design their work schedule (based on a standard frame work/duty schedule) and enables a trustworthy registration of their actual worked hours afterwards.


  • Must be within the boundaries of laws and regulations on working hours (see The Working Hours Act of the Dutch government) and the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act;
  • The solution has to be safe and secure (according to Military standard)