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Parking Issues

The RNLAF Headquarters is located in the city of Breda. About 500 people are employed there and the location welcomes a good amount of daily visitors. It is however the smallest Air Force location when measured in square meters. Air Force personnel and visitors are allowed to park their cars on the (guarded) premises.

As the space on the premises is limited RNLAF headquarters is regularly faced with a lack of free parking spaces. This often results in safety issues (cars parked in front of emergency exits and emergency routes), car damages and complaints from residents from the neighbouring area (as RNLAF personnel park their cars there, when there are no parking spaces left on the premises).

The locations commander finds this situation undesirable and is looking for a solution to make the location safe en welcoming again and maintain a reputation as a good neighbour.

A short walk (5 minutes) from RNLAF headquarters a railway station with a large public parking area is situated. This parking area might easily be used by RNLAF personnel and visitors. Unfortunately only few do so.

The reason for this could well be that visitors are not aware of these parking places and the fact that the car park is not guarded.

RNLAF headquarters wants to stimulate parking at the railway station parking area. For this RNLAF headquarters favours incentives over sanctioning.

The challenge
Solve the parking issues in a positive way (not by sanctioning) thereby ensuring a safe situation on the location, being a good neighbour and further improve employee satisfaction.


  • The solution has to  be scalable and multipurpose. The RNLAF wants to be able to copy the solution to other Defense locations.
  • Proof of effect: thorough monitoring of the effects is key.
  • We are looking for an innovative solution.