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Taxi track

Airbase Woensdrecht located in Hoogerheide is the home base for the Royal Military school Air Force (KMSL) and the Logistic Center Woensdrecht (LCW). Part of the KMSL at the air force base Woensdrecht is 961 squadron. This squadron is responsible for entry onto the airport and its runway. Control over runway and taxiway (vehicle) access is a mutual task of the air traffic controllers (ATC), Communication & Information Systems (CIS) and the Airbase Fire Department.

Part of the taxiway located next to the runway of Airbase Woensdrecht is not visible for the ATC. Visibility from Air Traffic Control tower is blocked because of a bush of trees. Besides taxiing aircraft, the taxiway is regularly used by vehicles, such as bird control or towing vehicles.

Because the ATC does not have a clear view of the full taxiway, it has occurred in the past that movements on the taxiway have taken place without the knowledge and authorization of ATC. There have been reports of unauthorized movements such as pedestrians walking or people cycling on the taxiway or a helicopter being towed without the knowledge of the ATC. Besides that, movements of deer and other wildlife have been reported, which ATC was not aware of. Reports of unauthorized movements are mostly received by ATC through aircrew or other air force personnel who happened to have a view of the area during the movements.

Unauthorized movements on taxiways, also called taxiway incursions may lead to hazardous situations and are therefore undesirable.

The challenge
Develop a system which ensures that the air traffic controllers get a clear view of the taxiway.


  • (data) cabling near the runway is not possible.
  • The solution has to be safe and secure (according to current regulations in the military)
  • The solution has to be scalable and fitting for more purposes. We want to be able to copy the solution to other parts of the organization.