Are you interested in one of the challenges? Do you think your startup can develop a new and innovative solution for this?

How to apply

  1. Write your application in max three pages: all requirements and information needed for your application can be found in the procurement document.
  2. Download your ‘Uniform Europees Aanbestedingsdocument’ (UEA), this form is a self-declaration of the businesses’ financial status, abilities and suitability for a public procurement procedure.

    How to download your UEA?
    a. Go to the procurement page. Click here

    b. Download document: 7. UEA SIR (Portable Document Format, 282 KB)

    If you have problems with downloading this document? Send an e-mail to Tony Kersbergen ([email protected]) and he will send the document to you.

  3. Send your application together with your UEA to Tony Kersbergen ([email protected])

Most asked questions (including answers) can be found in the first and second bill of information.

The full description of the application can be found on TenderNed.