Flexible housing needs

Around 10% of the households in the Netherlands need housing that is available promptly because of sudden change in circumstances. This group consists of (international) students, (labour) migrants, people who are separating or people out of social care amongst others. Their housing needs are usually temporary and need to be affordable.

The social benefits of this form of housing is evident; people do not end up on the street, the pressure on the housing market will be relieved and costs will be saved that otherwise would have to be made for shelter.  Also, having a house can create a first step forward in this person’s future life. Although, the concept ‘flex living’ does not appear to make a substantial difference yet.   

Often it is unclear how big the target group is, who belongs to the target group and what their specific need is. This is why municipalities and housing corporations (and private parties) still have too little attention for this target group.

Help define different groups who are in need of prompt housing and develop an innovative solution to help house these different groups. 

What are we looking for?
The focus of this challenge will be on obtaining a better picture of the target group, the housing options and a weighing-up framework to search specifically for suitable housing for this group and to match supply and demand. When it comes to flex housing and support we are looking for solutions to help and persuade municipalities in achieve the above. If, in addition to solving this problem, you have an innovative idea how to create suitable housing for the target group, that is an advantage.