Application process

Note: We closed applications for the 2019 program.

Below is a description of our preliminary selection criteria and application process. Check out the details before applying.

Which organisations are defined as a startup for this programme:

  • The business is registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce or a similar chamber in its country of residence for less than three years;
  • The business should consist of natural persons or a legal entity;
  • It should have less than ten salaried employees;
  • Startups should be able to align their features set with the market situation. We expect the business to be flexible and open to adjustments;
  • The business should not be a subsidiary of a company that has 250 salaried employees or more.

Which startups are invited to apply:

Our goal is to match the products and solutions of startups with challenges of Provincie Noord-Holland (PNH). We’ll invite startups which we deem mature enough to make it likely that their business can deliver a proposed solution during the course of the program, while the startup is still flexible enough to adapt the product to meet the challenges of PNH specifically. The goal of the program is to accelerate a collaboration between PNH and the startup. We aim to select 8 startups for this program.

Currently, we’re interested in getting to know as many startups who could be providing us a solution on the challenges we face.