Our Startups

We zijn een team van diverse specialisten, ervaren in het combineren van businessmodellen met strategie, design en technologie.
Met PreVisual ontwikkelen we op maat gemaakte modulaire software voor nieuwe, vooruitstrevende technologie.
Samen met de klant zoeken we naar de best passende, meest innoverende oplossingen voor zijn/ haar organisatie.


A vehicle is a risky work environment. Distraction, fatigue, or a stressful work scheme increase the risk of an accident. SD-Insights supports employees in increasing their driving performance. The driver is our focus.


So you want to get started with process mining? You want to find bottlenecks in your business processes or you want to know if you are compliant with rules and regulations.

MonkeyMining is the place to go! We offer a process mining platform MonkeyMiner to discover processes, explore your data and communicate your discoveries.


FlickBike is een deelfiets-verhuurdienst dat gebaseerd is op het toegang bieden tot een fiets voor een korte rit.

FlickBike is anders dan OV-fiets, want deze huur je bij een bemand verhuurstation en je betaalt per dag -en niet per rit. FlickBike is nog het meest vergelijkbaar met een deel-auto systeem zoals Car2Go.


Anything Connected offers hardware to build your Internet of Things in 24 hours. We help companies to figure out whether their equipment is still working properly, equipment such as factory production lines, large food stocks or solar panel parks.

Start doing predictive maintenance within 24 hours. Gather data about any asset. Use any platform.


Let’s make your meetings more efficient…

Forget unstructured meetings! GAIKU gives active guidance before, during and after any type of meeting. It’s your perfect meeting guide for better results in less time


Social initiatives and social enterprises need 21st century skills to develop a sustainable organisation. Success is measured by exposure and as a result digital skills and social marketing are becoming crucial. Unfortunately, these skills correlate with socio-economic status.  As all social initiatives need volunteers, support and finance, we use these incentives to teach them new skills, closing the digital gap


Signingservice – slimme document automatisering met rechtsgeldige digitale handtekeningen in de cloud. Als de andere ondertekenaar het document ook ondertekend heeft krijg je het originele document retour met een akte van ondertekening en een digitaal certificaat met een unieke code en tijdsstempel. Signingservice vervangt elk papieren document en bespaart daarmee op tijd, papier-, print- en bezorgkosten.


Courier Connect is a unique online platform that generates the perfect match between supply and demand for same day delivery services. With just a tap on a screen the costumer can see a number of couriers on the map, their prices and the time that the courier can pick up and deliver.  The costumer just needs to pick the courier that best matches his shipment requirements


Secret City Trails takes travellers and locals on urban adventures during which they solve a trail of cryptic clues via our web app (no downloads needed) and each trail takes players (re)discovering a city. People can select and buy a trail online via our website. Then they are sent a unique link that they open in their phone’s browser. They make their way to the start of the trail (indicated on the website) and hit START to receive the first clue. Along with each clue, players receive information about the sights and area they are in as well as recommendations to hidden gems and wonderful cafes and bars. The trails are a playful, unique and independent way of discovering a city.