Automated Mandates


Information on what person is authorized to officially take decisions on behalf of the Provincial Executive. What officer is authorized to represent the legal entity of the Province of North Holland, can be found in the mandate register. Currently, this register is quite fragmented, consisting of several links on our intranet linking to separate decrees. As a result of this fragmentation, it is often difficult to determine who is authorized to take decisions and who’s allowed to sign.


The challenge:

We are first of all looking for a way to include these mandates and the applicable rules in an automated register, making it possible to search by position or authority and find out who is allowed to sign. This register should be easy to maintain. It would be even better when the register would automatically process any alterations in mandate regulations. Our expectations will be completely exceeded when the automated register and alterations made to it, can be determined and published as a decision by competent authority.