Algorithm Transparency

What do we make transparent, how do we make that transparent, and where do we make that transparent?!

It’s time to start being transparent with our citizens about the type of algorithms our organization is using. Our challenge is not knowing to what degree transparency is practical, feasible, and desirable. We want to be able to share this information, but to do so we need to know what is the best method.

We need to know should our algorithms have quality marks; have they been tested, and are they safe? Do citizens want an explanation with every algorithm? Can we use our own website to share the algorithms? If we make our algorithms public, what control do we maintain over them?

We are looking to work together with a startup that has either done research or can do research about the degree to which transparency is wished to be shared and has either found or can help us find a solution in making the data public. Do you have an idea for a platform, for example? It’s important to us to work with another party that isn’t constrained by preexisting organizational structures.

Can you help us find a solution that is right for the citizen, works for our organization, can be implemented in a shorter time period, and isn’t too expensive?