Cultural & Behavioral Change


Provincie Noord-Holland is currently executing a large organizational development trajectory, in order to remain significant in- and add value to the fast changing environment we work in. The Samen NH program is about organizational change and perhaps more so about behavioral and cultural change. Core values here are self-awareness, an outside-in perspective, taking up space ánd giving space, networking, transparency, and innovation. We would like to work with a startup that can contribute to this process in a fun, playful, relaxed, surprising, original, refreshing and innovative way to help us accelerate the intended behavioral change.

The challenge:

We are looking for a way to establish and accelerate a behavioral and cultural change within the organization, by deploying the tool (perhaps a game) you’re developing. The startup we are looking for has a unique concept in the field of organizational development / cultural change. This concept is ready to be tested and further developed within our organization and has market potential.