Material Dashboards


The Provincie Noord-Holland has set the goal to reduce its use of raw materials by 50% by 2030 and to be completely circular by the year 2050. It’s important to (visually) monitor the progress made, in order to make necessary adjustments. We imagine some sort of material-streams-dashboard, but other solutions are welcome as well.

We have data on inventory quantities of raw materials and on materials from our acreage of existing and new construction. This data is updated when new projects are added. However, the data on existing constructions isn’t easily available. It’s ‘stored’ in designs and calculations so to speak. A part of our data is collected from the carbon footprint of our acreage, but this information could possibly also be found elsewhere in other ways.

The challenge:

We are looking for a simpler way to obtain data about material exchange to monitor our progress towards achieving our goals for 2030 and 2050 concering a circular economy. The primary challenge is to develop a tool (such as a dashboard) to monitor and support decision making in order to reach the goals on raw material reduction in 2030 and 2050.

Secondary there are two more challenges to supply the dashboard with data: We are looking for a smart method to make an inventory of raw materials and construction material (concrete, steel, asphalt, wood, and aluminum) in our acreage. Besides we’re in need of a database in which we can store the data on materials of the acreage of the Provincie Noord-Holland geographically.

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