Monitoring the influence of resident behavior on energy consumption Climate Proof City

The Province of North Holland is aiming for sustainable solutions for energy consumption by the year 2050. In order to achieve this goal, buildings must be well insulated so that they use energy more efficiently and natural gas should be replaced by more sustainable alternatives.

In The Netherlands, the degree of energy efficiency for buildings is based on a labeling system. For example, a Label A home is more energy efficient than a Label G home. Research from TU Delft shows that the actual energy consumption of households with label A is in many cases 20 to 30 percent higher than the theoretical consumption. All the while, the actual gas consumption of homes with energy labels G is on average 50 percent lower than the theoretical consumption. We believe the cause of this difference is due to the behavior of its residents.

We are looking for a solution to monitor the influence residents behavior has on energy consumption. We want to develop an affordable system that provides insight to the energy consumption based on the effect of its residents, using sensors. There are already systems on the market that provide insight into gas and electricity consumption, but those do not provide insight into the causes of the high (or low) consumption. Residents can also use this data to be advised on how they can save energy.

Why is this something for a startup? We think this is a great opportunity to find out if our idea is feasible and affordable. We also have a great network of municipalities and companies active in the energy transition sector!