Year 2018 Apply

The Wildcard

We’ve made a list of subjects you could think of, but these are just suggestions. Feel free to surprise us!


  • Improvement of safety on N-roads (reduce accidents);
  • Reduction of transport movements of busses: especially in the north of North Holland busses often drive around without any passengers;
  • Generation of energy alongside waterways, bridges, tunnels etc.;
  • Maintaining easy access to social services for residents in rural areas;
  • Attracting tourists visiting Amsterdam to visit Haarlem as well;
  • Respectfully giving a purpose to killed fallow deer and geese from Schiphol;
  • Utilizing empty greenhouses, stables etc. For example related to the energy transition and sustainability in a broader sense.
  • Innovating agriculture;
  • Fast and efficient supervision of water ways and roads;
  • Fast and efficient supervision of archives.