Campus Groningen meets Campus Leeuwarden: innovative entrepreneurship

Primary challenge owner: NHL Stenden and Campus Groningen

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



Collaboration aimed at strengthening the Northern Netherlands innovation ecosystem: “Campus Groningen meets Campus Leeuwarden”:

Campus Groningen and Campus Leeuwarden have several factors in common. One is that both Groningen and Leeuwarden are the two central innovation clusters of Groningen and Friesland. Not surprisingly, the two campuses share common concerns when it comes to fostering innovative entrepreneurship and actively facilitating the (present) business community. 

From the first visualization of the innovative entrepreneurship heatmap, we see that Groningen and Leeuwarden can find each other on a number of distinctive themes, namely: digital & engineering, energy and health. Both Groningen and Leeuwarden campuses are physical innovation locations where people like to come and work. Locations whose attractive features attract new business activity and facilitate chance encounters.


Based on this philosophy, together we want to:

– Strengthen the position of Northern Dutch businesses and research professionals;

– Connect and improve the strength of the Northern Dutch ecosystems in Groningen and Leeuwarden, creating (thematic) complementarity between the two campus locations. 

This can be done through a cross-site (innovation) program, joint project, or thematic approach route.


The question/challenge for startups

How can we connect the community of Campus Groningen and Campus Leeuwarden more closely, creating complementarity and strengthening the (location-based) Northern Netherlands innovation ecosystem?



  • Cooperation aimed at strengthening the Northern Netherlands ecosystem beyond physical locations; 
  • Cooperation between companies, knowledge institutions and research institutes;
  • Unlocking physical environment and facilities specifically for each other; 
  • Cooperation with students/colleges RUG, Hanze and NHL Stenden;
  • Final product must deliver a visible and measurable result;
  • Theme filled with relevant topics resulting in a positive impact on SDG 17 (partnership to achieve goals). 


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