Campus Groningen meets Campus Leeuwarden: meeting & connecting

Primary challenge owner: NHL Stenden 

Secondary challenge owner(s): Campus Groningen



Campus Groningen and Campus Leeuwarden share common focal points when it concerns the Campus experience, such as meeting and connecting, as well as visible vibrancy on Campus (as a testing ground). 

Meeting and connecting can be made easier through physical vibrancy, helping students really experience the Campus and allow them to easily connect with students from other programs as well.  A connection between the Northern Campuses, taking into account the SDGs, could contribute well to this. 


The question/challenge for startups

”Campus Groningen meets Campus Leeuwarden”. How can the physical outdoor space on Campus contribute to meeting and connecting between – and on – Campus Groningen and Campus Leeuwarden?



  • Innovative, sustainable, out-of-the-box thinking
  • Encourage knowledge sharing, knowledge transfer and/or innovative entrepreneurship
  • Collaboration with students/colleagues at Rijksuniversiteit, Hanze and NHL Stenden 
  • Final product must deliver a visible and measurable result (program/product)
  • Connection to (one of) the Sustainable Development Goals / socially relevant

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