Campus Mobility


Sustainability and healthy ageing are key priorities for Campus Groningen. But how can we also make these central to making mobility choices? And how can we help employees, visitors and users not only more aware of their travel behavior, but also help them make responsible choices?


We’re looking for a solution that contributes to the accessibility and hospitality of Campus Groningen. This means we’re looking for a solution that not only provides insight into the easiest, least time-consuming and cheapest way to get from A to B, but also the healthiest and most sustainable way. After all, the sharing economy is on the rise and various sharing platforms are being used more and more. But how can we as an organization help our employees/users to make the right choice between all the different initiatives and options (public transport, shared bicycles, shared cars, shared scooters, lease cars, etc.)?


The above points also result in the overarching question: how can we combine knowledge of behavior with MaaS (“Mobility as a Service”)? So instead of competing, ensure that the various initiatives in the area of shared mobility work together, in order to work together towards the best, overarching product: the mobility system of the future.


The question/challenge for startups:

Develop a solution that increases awareness in (responsible) travel behavior and stimulates people to make responsible mobility choices.



  • Experiment with a test location on the Campus in Groningen (e.g. P+R Reitdiep);
  • Core values of the solution/the startup are sustainability, healthy ageing and innovation in relation to mobility (services);
  • Scalable, not bound to a location;
  • Available in Dutch and English.

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