Circular Waste Management

Primaire challenge owner: City of Groningen

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



Groningen’s ambition is to become a waste-free city by 2030. This means that we will have to separate the residual waste as best we can and reuse it as high-quality new raw materials. This is done by collecting various waste streams separately and by further sorting them in the post-separation plant. Groningen currently has a waste separation rate of 60%. We want to increase this percentage by raising awareness among residents and businesses. In addition, we offer suitable collection facilities for the collection of clean raw materials. 

As of yet, not all residual waste streams have a useful application. At our waste collection stations, various residual streams are collected and made suitable for use as new raw materials. In order to get the circular economy going and to achieve our goal of 100% reuse, we as a municipality would like to make some of these residual streams available for experimentation, so that new business models can emerge.


The question/challenge for startups

Help us with a high quality product and/or process that will move us closer to 100% reuse of our raw materials. 



  • Both the product and the process must be sustainable.
  • Residual streams with which little is currently being done are: mix of waste wood, light construction and demolition waste (laths, boards, ceilings, insulation), roofing leather and mix of hard plastics.
  • Not every product or process is appropriate; it must serve the highest possible reuse of resources
  • The product and process must (in the future) establish a conclusive business case and add value.

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