Collect and/or recycle plastic soup


Groningen Seaports intents to bring an end to the growth in plastic soup in our oceans. The port authority is strongly committed to developing an efficient, innovative circular cluster for the region. Not only is it important to facilitate innovative mechanical and chemical plastic recycling processes, we also attach great importance to the responsible collection of these plastics (both onshore and offshore). Our port is located on the Wadden Sea World Heritage Site. That means that we constantly work on sustainable entrepreneurship. We are signatories to the ‘Green Deal fishery for a clean sea’ and the ‘Eems-Dollard 2050’ programme, in which we promote clean waters in our area.


The question/challenge for startups

Help us with innovative ways to collect plastic soup from the World Heritage Wadden Sea and/or to recycle those collected plastics, in order to close the circular plastics loop. 



o   Ensure the innovative solution accelerates the circular economy in the Northern Netherlands

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