Connecting neighbourhood residents and youth in the maintenance of public space

Primary challenge owner: Province of Groningen

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



Blauwestad is a unique piece of the Netherlands in a special part of Groningen: the Oldambt. What was once farmland is now a great residential area, surrounded by a large lake and unspoiled nature. Project Bureau Blauwestad maintains the public space in and around the neighbourhoods, but this task will fall under the responsibility of the municipality of Oldambt in 2023. Due to municipal capacity, the level of maintenance is expected to decrease. 

The Blauwestad project bureau works with various groups of young people for the maintenance of public spaces. These young people enjoy working in a green environment and feel seen and heard because of the pleasant working atmosphere and direct results. Blauwestad is still growing, but both maintenance and supervision of young people require time and capacity. Project Bureau Blauwestad has to step away, but Oldambt Municipality can only partially fill its shoes. At the same time, the residents of Blauwestad moved to this beautiful residential area for a reason and expect (high) quality maintenance.

The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution in which local residents are engaged and facilitated to take up the maintenance of public spaces in Blauwestad to a greater extent on their own initiative, working together with young people (community building).



  • The solution should connect neighbourhood residents and different groups of young people.
  • The solution has a strong social character and contributes to community building in Blauwestad.
  • The solution must fit well with the area; therefore, the startup or scale-up must be willing to work in Blauwestad with some regularity to get a taste of the atmosphere.
  • Optional: Connect with the green educational courses of Terra MBO Winschoten so that enthusiastic young people can gain insight into possible professions (future perspective).

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