Cycling safety rural areas

Primary challenge owner: Province of Drenthe

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



The cyclist is a vulnerable road user. There are an increasing number of cycling casualties. Often these are one-sided bicycle accidents in which a cyclist falls when mounting or dismounting or when accidentally steering off the cycling path. This last aspect is where lighting of the bicycle path can provide relief.

In addition to road safety, social safety plays an important role in cycling. Early mornings and later afternoons in the spring and fall often means cycling in the dark (twilight). Cycling in the evening also means cycling in the dark. Not everyone experiences this as pleasant and sometimes it’s a reason to go by car or to bring/collect children to sports or other activities. It limits some people in their (social) activities.


The question/challenge for startups

Contribute to a lighting solution that increases social and traffic safety in the outdoor area for cyclists (cycling on provincial bike paths).



  • As smart, sustainable and green as possible.
  • No cables in the roadside.
  • The lowest possible management and maintenance costs.
  • Light intensity is adjustable.
  • Maximum 4 meters in height.
  • The solution must not be an obstacle (= bike-collision friendly).
  • No led-marking.


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