Easy Accessible information


Interaction is a big part of the success of government. Interaction with citizens, entrepreneurs, tourists and visitors makes our services better, more inclusive and more relevant. This is why the City of Groningen is constantly looking for opportunities to invest in these interactions, through our website, newsletters, social media and more.


Groningen wants to offer visible, coherent and accessible services. Because our services cover a broad spectrum of subjects and products, this isn’t always an easy task. Groningen wants to optimise its ways to disclose relevant information to the public, in a uniform and recognisable way with regard for all levels of society.


The city would like to find a way to make all our information more easily accessible, to offer as much information as possible in a clear-cut way, which works for our citizens.


The question/challenge for startups:


Offer a solution to make relevant information about the municipality more accessible for our citizens and visitors.



  • Since most of our interaction with citizens is in Dutch, speaking Dutch is necessary (for at least a part of the team)
  • The solution has to meet our (digital) literacy standards: 
  • Engage and interact with citizens on what works for them.

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