Effects Climate Change

Primaire challenge owner: City of Leeuwarden

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



As a result of climate change, we increasingly have to deal with prolonged periods of drought and extreme heat, interspersed with extreme rainstorms that can cause local disruption. These extremes have a particular effect on the health and comfort of people living, working and/or recreating in urban areas. This has a major impact on our society, the liveability of our urban area and consequently on our economy.  

Friesland too needs to prepare for the risks of climate change facing its urban areas and adapt its infrastructure accordingly. The City of Leeuwarden therefore has the ambition to act climate adaptively, so that by 2035, Leeuwarden is climate proof and able to both withstand and manage excess rainfall and heat spells.


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that helps prevent the negative impacts of climate change (heat, drought, and extreme rainfall) in urban areas. 



The solution/idea/product needs to be:

  • sustainable and not (extra) harmful to the environment;
  • easily applicable;
  • suitable for use on both small and very large areas.
  • It is a plus if the solution encourages broader behavioral change.


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