Facilitate Connection Campus Community


On Campus Groningen, companies and institutions with a passion for research, training and entrepreneurship work closely together to achieve real impact, in areas such as Healthy Aging, Sustainable Society and Energy. Together with partners (University of Groningen, Hanze University Groningen, UMCG, Business Association WEST, Province and City of Groningen), we are building the world of tomorrow. Campus Groningen is built on the idea that should optimally support and strengthen its residents and will attract and facilitate new world-class players. Campuses are indispensable for facilitating casual and organized meetings and interactions, which lead to new and valuable ideas, companies and innovation.


The Campus continues to grow. In many ways and areas, you could view Campus Groningen as Tomorrow’s Capital. For startups, for innovative companies, for talent, for high-tech industry. The Campus is a unique concentration of knowledge institutions and companies, where knowledge sharing, innovation, meeting and collaboration are central. It’s the meeting place where more than 65,000 people come together every day to pioneer, learn, work, research, develop and provide care.


To stimulate/facilitate the interaction and meeting of people and to let the dynamics of an innovative campus flourish optimally, Campus Groningen is looking for ways to serve its community even better. Consider, for example, a (working) environment that stimulates communication and cooperation among the campus community, crossovers between business and organizations and strong interaction between adult (successful) companies and startups, to promote growth and innovation on the Campus and in the region.


The question/challenge for startups:

Develop an innovative solution, online or physical, to optimally support the Campus community and interested parties to meet and interact, with the aim of stimulating the innovation and growth of the campus. 



  • Stimulating meeting and interaction for the campus community (new and current community) (interactive and dynamic) (adult companies and startups)
  • Facilitate a welcoming Campus; for entrepreneurs, researchers and talent (red carpet feeling)

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