Green in transformation areas

Primary challenge owner: City of Emmen and City of Coevorden part of the Action program Impact Entrepreneurship within the Region Deal South- and East-Drenthe

Secondary challenge owner(s): None 



The vacancy rate in the inner cities in South and East Drenthe has increased sharply in recent years, making them less future-proof. In order to prevent long-term vacancy of stores and to maintain the vitality of the inner cities, there are transformation challenges to keep the experience in these centers attractive. An important goal is to create future-proof and compact inner cities with fewer vacant properties. 

Ahead of and in addition to the redesign of so-called transformation areas, we want to apply limited interventions in the public area, including adding more greenery. Transformation areas are the areas where the retail function disappears and new functions are introduced, especially housing. The addition of greenery is an important aspect in improving the overall experience of the centers.


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that allows for the application of more green space in downtown transformation areas.



  • The solution should fit well into the public area and not become a nuisance.
  • The challenge was submitted as part of the Action Program Impact Entrepreneurship, one of the projects of the Region Deal South and East Drenthe, and aims to contribute to fostering entrepreneurship with impact in the region. Startups with a circular, social or other type of impact objective are preferred.


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