Involving and connecting students


Because of the COVID-19 crisis, the trend towards online learning has accelerated. And in a society where 1.5 meters of social distance is the new norm, a combination of online and offline learning will also be necessary for the foreseeable future. But how can we make sure we can keep social interaction and involvement between students and teachers when classes are attended from home?


Around 43,000 students of both the Hanze University of Applied Sciences and Noorderpoort are getting used to the new normal. Digital learning environments help on the practical side of things, but involvement goes beyond just the involvement of students during classes. An education is more than taking classes, studying and earning credits. Personal development and social interaction is just as important, like an informal chat in the hallway to see how someone’s doing. Online learning environments have yet to come up with an adequate solution for this. 


We’re entering a world of blended learning: a combination of offline and online. But how can you keep students involved and connected when they’re studying online? Can we find a modern and lasting solution for this?


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that contributes to involvement and connection of students with their education, their teachers and fellow students.



o   We’re looking for a solution that can be used for both vocational (MBO) and higher education (HBO) 

o   We’re looking for a solution that can also be applied when going back to offline learning 

o   We’re not looking for the next digital learning environment 

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