Mobility hubs

Primary challenge owner: Hub | Groningen Drenthe, a program of the Provinces Groningen and Drenthe

Secondary challenge owner(s): None 



A hub is/will be a pleasant place where you can make use of a wide range of mobility options and other facilities. A place where you can wait a while, meet someone and make use of the available catering or facilities. A place for everyone! 

There are 57 hubs in Groningen and Drenthe, from large to small, from rural to inner-city, and with a varying range of mobility and facilities. Each hub is unique, with its own characteristics and users. This also calls for customization in the further development of the hubs. For example, in Roden we work together with the library, in Zuidbroek we work with the train and streetcar museum. In Gieten there are fitness machines, in Rolde parcel lockers and in Stadskanaal bicycle lockers. 

But there are also challenges surrounding the hubs. For example, while lots of activity and people around are good for social safety, immediate neighbors would like it to be quiet for a better residential experience. In addition, hubs often have a negative reputation. It’s a place people associate with negative elements (such as vandalism, litter, noise pollution, insecurity) rather than the positive elements (ease of mobility and amenities). Therefore, we would like to transform the hubs into a place where the positive elements flourish and the negative elements are experienced as little as possible. More information: 


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that helps transform the hubs into a place where people like to stay and that adds value to the living environment.



  • The pilot should be usable at both hubs in rural areas and hubs in the urban area. Preferably at both locations or any differences to be indicated as well.
  • Hubs are tailor-made, so at each hub the added value can be different. The idea may be generic, but also focused on a particular location.


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