Promote responsible waste separation

Primary challenge owner: Hanze University of Applied Sciences Groningen 

Secondary challenge owners: Campus Groningen on behalf of its campus partners: City of Groningen, Province of Groningen, University of Groningen, Hanze University, University Medical Center Groningen(UMCG) and business association WEST 



Campus Groningen would like to contribute to a zero waste campus. With our Share Campus Service, we want to inspire, encourage and activate everyone on campus to reduce waste and separate correctly. We want a physically visible solution for both indoor and outdoor spaces and a direct visible connection to SDG12.  We will begin in one of the buildings of the Hanze University of Applied Sciences.

The challenge owner will be the Hanze University of Applied Sciences. The Hanze has set itself the goal of becoming a ‘zero waste institution’ by 2025. This means that the residual waste will be reduced to 0%.  Since the summer of 2019, separate waste bins have been installed. Its waste is collected by the cleaning company and then collected and processed by Renewi. Separating waste at the ‘front end’ is intended to raise awareness and actively involve people in the zero waste objective. However, there is still not proper separation. Despite improved communication and adjustments to the waste stations themselves (consistency, use of color and QR codes), the waste streams remain impure and there is insufficient progress in residual waste reduction. The 2020 waste scan shows that 70% of what is thrown in the residual waste bin should have been separated in the other bins. Possible causes are a lack of easily accessible information or the fact that the City of Groningen does have a waste separation policy and people are therefore used to throwing everything into one bin at home.


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that inspires, encourages and activates people in and around our buildings to properly separate waste.



  • It is important for the startup to speak Dutch .
  • The current waste stations of the Hanzehogeschool are the focal point.
  • For the solution, keep in mind the target audience of the Hanze University (student and employee, national and international).
  • We are not looking for an app. We prefer a physical, on-site visible solution.
  • Solution is replicable for other campus users (e.g., UG, UMCG).
  • Visible linkage to the Sustainable Development Goals, and specifically SDG12.


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