Reducing plant growth

Primary challenge owner: Province of Fryslân

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



Plant growth is causing an increasing nuisance in Frisian provincial waters. In particular, we are talking about exotic and indigenous plants, obstructing the availability and accessibility of the provincial waterways. This leads to much dissatisfaction and complaints from the users of these waterways addressed to the province. 

After the removal of these aquatic plants, the residue of these aquatic plants now ends up on the surrounding bank or is disposed of. At present this is not an efficient solution in both cases. 

The province of Fryslân has a legal duty to keep provincial waterways available and accessible. To date, this is done using its own boat or a contractor’s boat. This is very time-consuming and labor-intensive. There are also several parties involved, such as the departments of Nautical Affairs and Waterways/Engineering, as well as the Wetterskip. 


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that can prevent or remove/reduce plant growth in a structurally efficient manner so that boats can resume their operation without nuisance. In doing so, take advantage of the resulting “green” waste stream that is being disposed of.



  • The idea has to be scalable 
  • The idea has to reduce plant growth in the water 
  • The idea has to be measurable 
  • The idea must be cost-effective 
  • The idea makes use of the waste stream 
  • (Circular) processing of the waste stream 
  • Monitoring the growth of aquatic plants
  • Efficiently removing/reducing plant growth 


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