Safe Cycling


Aside from walking, cycling is the simplest, cheapest and most accessible mode of transportation. The Netherlands is known as a cycling country, as well as a country with a high degree of traffic safety. Despite this, however, in 2017 the number of fatalities among cyclists surpassed that motorists in traffic for the first time. A high percentage of cycling accidents are single-vehicle and don’t involve other vehicles. Cyclists can lose their balance for example, or steer off-road, resulting in injuries.    


This is cause for concern, because a cyclist is vulnerable and doesn’t have the same protection as a motorist. The province of Fryslân is committed to make sure cyclists can travel safely and wants to invest heavily in high-speed cycling routes between the major centers in the coming years. We want 0 fatalities in Fryslân!


Nationally, there’s also an increase of bicycle use in traffic. The electric bicycle is also becoming very popular, with both students as well as older cyclists. We want to make sure that this increase in the number of cyclists doesn’t lead to a decrease in road safety. Especially when you consider ‘traditional cyclists’ are a thing of the past and bike lanes are now host to a mix of ordinary cyclists, electric cyclists, racing cyclists and speed pedelecs.


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that contributes to a province without cycling accidents.



The developed product can be an innovation applicable to one or more of the following things:

  • Road: on or within bike lanes or its surroundings
  • Vehicle: on, in or attached to the bicycle
  • People: the individual cyclist 

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