Story treasure hunts in Drenthe’s libraries

Primary challenge owner: Biblionet Drenthe

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



Our world is changing. People working at the library and visiting the library are also changing. Biblionet Drenthe is curious about all the stories from the past and the present. But how do you collect all those stories, and how do you record them? What do they tell us? What does the library mean to them? Why do they work for the library (applies only to staff)? What are memorable moments they experienced? How has the library changed over the years? What role does the library play in their lives? And: if relevant: how could we make the library even more valuable to them?


The question/challenge for startups

Come up with a creative angle to collect stories around and in the libraries of Drenthe.

Turn the creative concept into an action plan to effectively collect these stories and communicate them through Biblionet Drenthe’s own media and external local media.



We have no predefined criteria and are happy to engage in open conversation.


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