Sustainable Asset Management

Primary challenge owner: Groningen Seaports 

Secondary challenge owner(s): None



Increased sustainability is a priority for Groningen Seaports. However, there are still a few aspects where we can improve as an organization. This is why we’re looking for solutions that can contribute to improving the sustainability of our asset management, as well as different projects around the hydraulic port infrastructure of Groningen Seaports.Other possibilities are replacing hardwood or repairing concrete walls or slopes. 


The question/challenge for startups

Come up with a solution that increases the sustainability of asset management and projects around the hydraulic port infrastructure of Groningen Seaports.



Ensure that the solution meets the Groningen Seaports-based sustainable asset management principles. The four rules for sustainable asset management and sustainable projects are: 

  • Do not break down nature faster than the time it takes to recover. 
  • Do not take substances out of the earth and into the environment faster than nature can handle. 
  • Do not bring chemicals into the environment more and faster than nature can handle. 
  • Don’t do things that limit people in fulfilling their basic needs.


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