Water Neutral Real Estate Climate Proof City


Extreme drought and heavy rain showers are an increasing problem. During certain times of the year, an excess of water can cause problems for the sewer system and other times, a shortage of water forces us as a society to cut down on our consumption. This problem is even greater in other areas of the world.


Our built environment can be used to tackle this problem: for water collection, water recycling and decoupling of the sewage system. These innovations are often relatively expensive and with slow rates of return, especially in the Netherlands where the water is relatively cheap. To do something about this, we offer our own real estate (the town hall) as a test location for innovations that contribute to making the built environment water-neutral.


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that contributes to making our existing real estate water-neutral, so that less water is needed, the sewage system is less burdened and people are made more aware of their own water consumption.



  • Monitoring water consumption (decrease)
  • Interesting business model with a relatively short return on investment
  • If the solution is a product, preferably its design is as circular as possible
  • The solution has to motivate others to lower their water consumption
  • The solution cannot hinder cleaning and maintenance (e.g. of pipage)

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