Water savings

Primary challenge owner: City of Leeuwarden

Secondary challenge owner(s): Waterbedrijf Vitens 



In the Netherlands, more and more drinking water is being consumed and our population continues to grow. The average drinking water consumption is now 120 liters per person, per day. This can cause shortages during hot summers and, moreover, the drinking water companies don’t want to pump up more groundwater. 

In the summer, the average water consumption can at times increase to an average of 150 liters per person per day. Due to climate change, the number of hot days will increase and water consumption is expected to increase with it. This may result in supply problems throughout the summer months.

In time, drinking water consumption may increase even further and this is incompatible with our sustainability goals. The call to put a stop to this is growing. Vitens, the drinking water company operating in Leeuwarden, has a goal of reducing water consumption among private customers by 5 percent by 2030, which amounts to about 6 liters less than the current 120 liters per person per day. 


The question/challenge for startups

Develop a solution that helps Leeuwarden and Vitens reduce household drinking water consumption by 5% by 2030.



  • You can demonstrate that you can provide drinking water savings in private households with a product or service.
  • The solution is both scalable and affordable.


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