Application/who can apply

I am a student, can I apply?

Yes, students can apply.

Is it necessary to be registered in The Hague in order to participate ?

No, you should only be able to work for minimum of two days a week in The Hague and attend all the workshops.

If I do not have a prototype because I offer a service, is it then still possible to participate in the programme?

It is essential that you are able to answer the question: “What could we make at a minimum to get our product functioning to prove it is a solution to a problem?”

Do I need to formulate my questions in English?

You are allowed to formulate your questions in Dutch or in English

Are there any costs involved?

No, no costs are involved.

Can my startup apply with more than one idea?

A startup can only win with one entry, but can submit a solution for all challenges

Do I need to have a KvK (Chamber of Commerce) registration in order to apply for the programme?

For phase 1 it is not necessary to be registered, for phase 2 your startup must be registered at the Chamber of Commerce

Does the proposal need to be written in English?

See the guidelines

I have questions about the program, where can I send them to?

[email protected]

Is it possible to apply for multiple urban challenges?


We are not currently a startup (as in: registered in the chamber of commerce), will we still be considered for the programme? Or do you only consider startups that already have a prototype/beta version?

No, you can also be a very early startup without any prototypes. However, during the jury selection, we do look at your team’s capabilities to build your solution for the Municipality and your current experiences.

What does the application entail?

You apply according to the tenderguidelines. You can find the format of sending in your solution in the appendix 3. (Tender guidelines will be posted soon!)

Is it possible to apply with an initiative that has received support already?

The initiative or solution should not be tested or built for another customer yet.

Is registration as a foundation at the Chamber of Commerce sufficient?

Yes, you can start as a foundation. However, if you want to make profit as a startup, it would be advisable to register as a startup.

I want to know more about a specific challenge.

Come to the information meeting on May 3rd 2018 where you can ask questions to the responsible civil servants.

What is the deadline for registration?

May 21st 2018 Midnight (CET) is the final deadline for registration

When will the registration be open?

In April 2018, the City will launch the new urban challenges of the third Startup in Residence Programme


I have questions about the programme

Look at the website for more information or email [email protected]

Is there another way to show my concept if I do not have a prototype?

It is essential that you are able to answer the question: “What could we make at a minimum to get our product functioning to prove it is a solution to a problem?”
It is up to you how you would like to show your concept.

When will I know if I am participating in the programme?


What will the training look like?


When will the municipality invest in the startups?

The actual Startup in Residence program will take place in the last five months of 2018. Any eventual purchase and rollout of the solution will be after the action and pilot phase.

Do I get my own office for the coming four months?

The municipality will provide an office space for the startups at the New World Campus in The Hague for the four months, starting in September 2018.

Where can I find more information about the criteria for the Startup in Residence program?

The municipality of The Hague will look at the following evaluation aspects for rating the proposal (Tender Guidelines will be posted soon!) :

  • The extent to which the solution is an integrated part of the future business of the startup 
  • The extent to which there is a healthy business case
  • The extent to which the startup understands the nature and scope of the challenge and the extent to which the planned concept adds great value to products, processes, technologies solving the urban problem
  • The extent to which this proposal is feasible for realization and implementation and has the potential to benefit other sectors and cities

Business Plan

To which extent must the product be built before the presentation? Must there be a beta version or a design?

It is essential that you are able to answer the question: “What could we make at a minimum to get our product functioning to prove it is a solution to a problem?” The way that you are going to present this is up to you.

What are the criteria for a successful solution? I.e. what is the point at which a solution is deemed mature for adoption?

After a successful selection as participant, the startup will work together with the civil servants on the solution. Before the civil servants will decide on whether to pilot the solution or not, some criteria for a successful solution will be decided together.

Can the idea also be a service instead of a product?


Is having a business plan/model optional or required?

Yes, your startup should submit a business plan for the solution of the urban challenge

What does a business model look like?

See format in Appendix 3.