“We believe working closely together with a startup is one of the best ways for a large organisation to explore and learn about new possible solutions. You got a passionate, highly skilled team with the determination to create value. Often by tinkering, prototyping and simply trying harder. And you just have to ask them simple questions and take hurdles out of the way as much as you can.”


“We believe that large corporates, non-profits and governments innovate faster and better when they work together with startups and scale-ups. On our platform Starthubs.co organizations can turn the innovation goals, business problems and most important projects into ‘startup challenges’. We challenge startups and scale-ups to pitch their solutions. 90% of the challenges result in collaborations between organization and startup!”

Bird & Bird

“Starting and scaling a new venture is an exciting journey that can lead you down unexpected paths. Bird & Bird has a proven track record in helping start-ups achieving their strategic goals. From our deep experience, we appreciate the potential in early stage companies and understand the value of building a long term relationship with our clients; many of whom have been with us from initial startup right the way through to exit. Our start-up team in The Netherlands, part of the international startup group, consists of enthusiastic and talented lawyers, notaries (candidates) and tax advisers – from young associates to partners.”

Status Finance

“At Status Finance we understand the hardships and challenges you may encounter when running a start-up, because we’ve been part of the entrepreneurial environment for many years. During our years in this challenging environment we have helped many start-ups make their innovative ideas come true and we continue to do so, all with a perfect mind set! In the end our aim is to make the road for your startup as smooth as possible by providing excellent business administrational and consultancy services.”

Smith Communicatie

“At Smith Communicatie we love the challenge of working with startups. There is lots of creativity in their DNA, which we relate to. Working together with startups often leads to interesting and unique concepts. Additionally, we can help startups with building their businesses together with our network.”

The Hague Tech

“Our goal is to fire up your tech ideas that will change society. We connect genius ideas with people who know how to build ground-breaking products and services and those who can bring innovation to the masses.”

Rabobank The Hague

“Rabobank The Hague helps start-ups through the various phases of building a business.”

World Startup Factory

“We can’t wait to welcome another bunch of amazing entrepreneurs eager to work on concrete challenges in our impact city. It takes passion, endurance and a complementary team with impressive skills and capacities to succeed as a startup. It’s exciting for us and our collective of experts and mentors to work with such an eager and competitive group towards the next stage in their journey for a successful enterprise.”

Knowledge & Expertise