Our Startups


Founders: John Bilay & Roberto Viana

Avenieuw’s goal is to improve traffic management, as such the startup will offer the municipality of The Hague a data driven Artificial Intelligence (AI) all-in-one platform. The platform will consume large amounts of data sources, to analyze, predict, recommend and continuously learn through analyzing multiple data sources related to traffic information. In particular that startup will be looking at the parking capacity in the city during events. Avenieuw will initially focus on the popular seaside area Scheveningen. This area hosts lots of events and could benefit a lot from the solutions the startup has to offer. Avenieuw aims to recommend certain mitigation measures to minimize the traffic impact. To make the information accessible to both citizens and stakeholders the start-up will connect the platform to existing apps and websites, such as social media. In addition, traffic related apps will be able to integrate with our platform.




Founders: Anke Kuipers & Vadim Lazuko

Startup Eventpeak is an application that will help the financial district of The Hague, The Beatrixkwartier, thrive. The Beatrixkwartier is an area where lots of events and activities take place, however information on where they take place is scattered across various sources. As such, Anke feels there are lots of missed-opportunities to connect, network and share knowledge with one another within this area. Anke’s goal is to make the Beatrixkwartier a happier and more interesting place to work and do business. The application will connect the existing hubs and increase visibility of events and activities that take place in the area. The startup aims to change the Beatrixkwartier into a vibrant place, so that people that work there will have more opportunities to engage, learn, and connect. The Beatrixkwartier will be buzzing soon, as it will be the place to be for meeting up and doing business!



One Day The Hague

Founder: Daan Meily

The startup One Day The Hague will be developing a service for tourists that wish to visit The Hague. The start-up’s services will make it easy to plan a visit to the City of The Hague, as it offers complete packages which include tickets, bookings and tourist information. These packages are tailored to their preferences and interests based on data collected via the website. By offering a complete package based on a certain theme, a complete experience can be offered, which will leave visitors with an amazing impression of the city. One Day The Hague eliminates the hassle in selecting the best activities and provides people with a tour with carefully selected local hotspots while including a variety of local businesses. Tourists will experience the best that The Hague has to offer while local businesses benefit from the increase of customers that are directed their way. Daan states, ​“Our service should make it far easier for international visitors to have a truly local experience in our beautiful city”.


Driven To Impact

Founders: Bianca van den Engh & Dennis Roopram

Startup Driven To Impact is looking to solve the complex puzzle that surrounds healthcare in the Netherlands. The start-up has experienced that information with regard to healthcare is often scattered and inaccessible especially for those who are in need of it the most. Dennis states “Thanks to our excellent healthcare system, we have a tremendous amount of resources. Unfortunately, the people that truly need it, often don’t know how to find it”. The startup Driven To Impact will collect essential information on health care provided in the Netherlands. Their plan is to create a platform which will be a central place for information on health care, as well as easy accessible and user friendly. This will not only benefit those in need of care and their direct environment, but it will also have a great impact on the economy as care can be provided more efficiently.

One Stop Shop Tool

Founder: Hala Alhamed

Startup One Stop Shop will design an application that helps house owners to assess the need for energy efficiency measures in their homes. In addition, it will motivate house owners to reduce their CO2 footprint by illustrating the economic value of the home improvements. The app will also show the different subsidy options offered by various organizations. This is useful as this information is often scattered across different sources. Ultimately, the application will offer a full-package service for the specific measures so that the barriers of making a house energy efficient will be reduced. Hala feels that “homes have great meaning for us, home is where we belong”. Hala lost her home due to the war in Syria. She states “Losing my home in Damascus has made me realize that ‘home’ has such great meaning. I had no home to go to until I arrived in The Hague. I arrived uprooted and tired from the losses of war. Looking after our homes gives meaning to our lives. It is not a business, but my passion.”


The Next Green Thing

Founder: Sharat Sreekantan

‘The Next Green Thing’ is an app that empowers people to design their own solar-green roof in a few clicks. Solar panel and green roof designs are often dictated by suppliers. Sharat plans to provide green and solar roof designs that bypass current issues of costliness, involvement of middlemen, lack of scientific knowledge, and esthetics. Imagine being able to design your solar/green roof just like you would do with your living room? The Next Green Thing allows users to create their own solar, green or combination rooftop designs. “Green and solar roofing is one of the major untapped environmental sustainability solutions today” according to Sharat. “We aim to empower the customers to design their own roofs, not only maximizing utility, but  also matching their esthetics and taste. In this way, we envision our innovative roofing solution to enable green technology to become accessible to the public in a big way. So if you start seeing trendy looking solar-green roofs in the near future you are looking at The Next Green Thing!”

My Clean City

Founder: Prashant Shukla

My Clean City App is working together with the municipality of The Hague on some of the waste solutions the city is facing. Prashant founder of the startup always felt close to his hometown community back when he was living in India. People looked after each other and there is lots of interaction. Prashant states: ‘Having now called The Hague my home for nearly nine years, I have yet to experience this community closeness and I miss it. I thought of an idea that connects neighbors and simultaneously tackles a challenge the municipality of The Hague faces: waste on the streets. We’re working together on a solution that involves an app that helps neighbors to communicate with each other and motivates them to act on their increasing sense of responsibility toward the environment. It provides the necessary information about waste collection and it allows you to notify your neighbors and the municipality when the (ORAC) containers are full or clogged. If you want to get rid of still usable items you can easily offer it to your neighbors using the app. By sharing information about trash and reusable items, the app will let neighbors connect and work together for a cleaner city!’