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The challenge: Find new ways to ensure that local entrepreneurs retain their customers after road closures.

Description of the problem

In 2019, the municipality of The Hague plans to close four main roads in the Schilderswijk for through-going motorized traffic. This will reduce traffic in the Schilderswijk and neighboring area Stationsbuurt. It also offers opportunities to invest in the public space. By investing in the public space The Hague becomes more attractive for citizens, visitors, employees, businesses and students.

One of the streets which will be closed for through-going motorized traffic, is the Hoefkade. In sessions organized to involve stakeholders and discuss the plans for the area, business owners situated on the Hoefkade and Koningstraat expressed concerns about becoming inaccessible for their customers once the roads are closed for motorized traffic. The municipality is looking for new ways to ensure that business owners can retain their customers after the roads are closed.

What are we looking for?

The solutions should focus on changing the behavior of both business owners, as well as their customers. On the one hand, we ask you to develop ideas which can be implemented by business owners such as:

  • Better or different ways of using marketing / social media
  • Improve cooperation between the businesses
  • Ways to increase their customer base

On the other hand, we are looking for ideas that change the customers’ behavior with regards to their use of transport. Instead of using the car, the aim is to motivate customers to walk, cycle or use other modes of transportation to visit these areas.

We expect that proposed solutions will be in line with upcoming trends and developments, like the electric tuk-tuks used by tourists and/or elderly people around shopping area the Haagse Markt and electric scooters that delivery services use. Also, whatever the proposed solution may be for the Schilderswijk, it should be applicable to other parts of The Hague and other cities. Other than these requirements the startup is free to develop an innovative solution.

What are we not looking for?

We do not need solutions that improve car accessibility or offer alternative parking solutions. Solution(s) and costs for implementation need to be reasonable and attractive, so that business owners would want to bear the costs themselves.

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