Event traffic management

How can we ensure that traffic coming to and from free events (e.g. the next reworks display) generates as few complaints as possible from visitors, residents and retailers?

Free events in Scheveningen

The Municipality of The Hague, and particularly the city district of Scheveningen, has a long tradition of free events. A prominent example is the International Firework Festival (IFF) that takes place every year on two weekends at the end of August.

120,000 visitors to the IFF

On a top day, the IFF attracts 120,000 visitors. The festival is organized by a number of businesses along the boulevard. Over the two weekends, people arrive in Scheveningen on Friday and Saturday evening to watch this show, which lasts from 9.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m. Visitors arrive by car, by public transport and on their bikes. All these flows get in each other’s way, particularly after the last show. Along with the police, emergency services, road manager and traffic control, most of all the possible traffic measures have been implemented. However, due to different road works in the city, these measures also vary from year to year. The residents are inconvenienced every year by people looking for parking spaces and parking in their neighbourhood.

The weather decides

Visitors to free events are often creatures of habit when it comes to choice of transport, they decide at the last minute whether to go or not (if the weather’s fine) and are difficult to contact in advance because it’s a free festival. In the case of a ticketed festival, such as a concert, visitors can be approached beforehand and it’s easier to channel the flows. However this is difficult where free events are concerned.

Manage the traffic to the event

The challenge: How can we ensure that traffic coming to and from these free events (e.g. the next firework show) generates as few complaints as possible from visitors, residents and retailers?

Innovative ideas

There is literally no more space for more traffic on the road or parked along the roadside or in parking garages. Startups: develop creative and innovative ideas, with the IFF 2017 as a pilot. Perhaps a tool, that could also be used for other locations and possibly in other municipalities. Or something completely different?

The municipality has also sought solutions in other directions through ConsultingKids, which challenges schoolchildren to look at adult problems in their own uninhibited style. Interested Startups can request the results from the municipality.

Urban Challenge Startup in Residence - Event traffic management

Urban Challenge Startup in Residence – Event traffic management


Additional demands / criteria

  • The solutions must not cost too much money and preferably be paid for by the organisations or the events. These often already receive a subsidy from the municipality.
  • The municipality can make the traffic data available from traffic control, as well as the occupancy data of the parking garages in Scheveningen.
  • The Privacy is a point of attention

Contact person within the municipality 
Arjen Reijneveld (BVM)
Quintin de Jong (DSO-Verkeer)

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