Expand the world of elderly

Challenge: How do you enrich the lives and environment of elderly with digital tools that can be used independently of language and (digital) skills?

Current situation

Elderly people often become isolated due to physical and mental issues. Many elderly people are therefore lonely and (physically) less active. There are many eHealth solutions for them to remain socially and physically active. However, not all elderly people can use these tools, because for example they do not have the required language and/or digital skills. In addition, they do not conform to traditional solutions, like taking part in a range of (daily) activities.


What are we looking for?

A solution that uses existing or new tools to help the group of elderly people that is currently unable to connect to current solutions, in order to help them expand their social network. They must be able to work with the solution regardless of language and digital skills.


What are we not looking for?

Solutions that require a learning process before using the solution. The user interface must therefore not be digital.


What is the impact?

The number of elderly people continues to grow in the Netherlands. With the right solution, a large target group can be reached. The 2018-2022 college agreement, therefore, includes targeting loneliness and providing a senior-friendly city. In addition, a good solution can also include informal care by relatives; the more independent, active and social elderly people are, the less burden of care from relatives will be.


Background information


What can you win?

  • The opportunity to realize a prototype/pilot;
  • An extensive program with training;
  • Possible follow-up project or sustainable cooperation after a successful pilot;
  • Access to finance for the development of your prototype/pilot