Give homeless a home

Challenge: How can we ensure that homeless citizens get a stable (semi-independent) home?  And are there opportunities for them to take an active role in their solution?

Current situation
The support desk for homeless people (SZW) sees a decreasing amount of outflow of homeless citizens towards a home. Not due to the decrease of homeless citizens, but due to the housing shortage The Hague is currently facing. Long term homelessness can lead to multiple problems in the long term. Repairing this is not easy and costs time. As a result, people make use of benefits for a longer time than needed which costs the municipality 10,000 euro’s per person per year.

What are we looking for?
The primary goal of the solution must be to provide homeless citizens housing to fulfil their basic needs. By allowing homeless citizens to help with the solution, they can gain useful job experiences which can help them in the labour market.

We are searching for solutions or parties that can help homeless people with a stable living situation/housing. The ideal would be a combination of working on their own home and (re)gaining skills in the process.

Possible solutions can be e.g. the creation of Tiny Houses or the conversion of offices and vacant buildings into homes with the help of homeless people. To ease the problem of the shortage of construction workers, this can also offer a solution to gain valuable work experience.

What are we not looking for?
Providers of existing homes or construction companies who want to convert office buildings themselves.

What is the impact?
You are helping homeless citizens becoming independent and helping them gain valuable work experience in construction. Also, investments are made by the municipality toward creating housing space.

What can you win?

  • The opportunity to realize a prototype/pilot;
  • An extensive program with training;
  • Possible follow-up project or sustainable cooperation after a successful pilot;
  • Access to financing for the development of your prototype/pilot