Optimize financial support for adolescents with MID

Challenge: How do we optimize (and digitalize) the financial support for adolescents with mild intellectual disabilities?

Current situation

Adolescents with mild intellectual disabilities are between 18 and 27 years old and have an IQ between 50 and 85. This includes about 10% of the youth in The Hague. These adolescents often face difficulties with understanding invoices and bills. Sometimes they also make impulsive purchases and close many subscriptions. Since they do not always understand the consequences of their behavior, they are more susceptible to debt.

Good supervision is essential to keep these young people financially stable. This is currently done by budget management, appointment reminders, and coaching. This support is funded by the municipality.


What are we looking for?
A technological solution that supports people with mild intellectual disabilities with their financial management and helps them fulfill agreements that have been made with financial institutions. In an ideal situation, the effectiveness of counseling remains the same or improves, but with less staff and at lower costs. The solution can be a (partial) replacement of the current support provided.


What are we not looking for?

A solution that connects existing projects and initiatives.


What is the impact?

The financial problems among young people with mild intellectual disabilities are often accompanied by issues in other areas of life, such as homelessness, social isolation and/or criminal activities. Guidance is therefore needed, but because they require long-term support it is also costly. By optimizing/digitizing counseling, more money will become available to help more adolescents. In addition, a good solution can increase the independence of these adolescents and as a result their self-worth.


What can you win?

  • The opportunity to realize a prototype/pilot;
  • An extensive program with training;
  • Possible follow-up project or sustainable cooperation after a successful pilot;
  • Access to financing for the development of your prototype/pilot