Sports Registration

Design an easy-to-use digital solution on behalf of the municipality of The Hague to outline the effects of funded sport activities.

Description of challenge
By 2030, The Hague is set to have tailored sports and activities on offer for each of its inhabitants. Currently, some of the subsidized activities include after school activities, street sports, and Sportief gezond (a health & fit program for the elderly). By mapping trends, developments, and the quality and effects of the current activities (including collaborating with coaches/trainers/gyms to adjust and amend if necessary), we have a way to make the 2030 goal measurable (and possibly more feasible).


This needs to be done by creating an application on which users register for all funded activities and sports. Their data then needs to be accessible for the municipality of The Hague. Currently, the municipality of The Hague lacks insight in the quantity and quality of the programs on offer, hence the need for this challenge.


What are we looking for?
The municipality of The Hague is looking for an app to have users register for/be informed of user-relevant sport activities. The app needs to be enticing, for instance by offering rewards for using the app and/or having the use of the app be mandatory to join the free-on-offer activities.


A good solution:

  • Asks the user about other activities/data (what kind of athlete you are, how old you are, gender, other sports/memberships, health/lifestyle, etcetera) and links this information to the activities (‘x moderately active users of x years old weekly joined the activity Sportief Gezond’);
  • Has the user register him/herself for each activity, for example by scanning a QR code, which makes his/her data available and provides insight into participants of each activity;
  • Sends all data about the user (participation, location, age, general sports activities, income, etc.) to The Hague, accessible through an easy-to-use dashboard;
  • Informs user/account holder about relevant activities (and at a later stage: sponsored content from local vendors, i.e. smoothie bars, sport equipment stores).



  • Linking other apps (Apple Health, MyFitnessPal, Strava, Runkeeper, Nike Running, etc.) to access data and gain more insight into the health and lifestyle of participants;
  • Rewarding the user for participation, for example by points for each activity with which local products can be purchased.


In the end, we want a tool to work for different target groups/ages; a tool that provides insight into the sport environment of The Hague. Using these up to date insights, the municipality of The Hague should be able to work with coaches/trainers/gyms on tailoring sports and activities to each of its inhabitants.


What are we not looking for?

  • Stand-alone campaigns or website solutions;
  • Analogue solutions;
  • Time-consuming solutions (either for the coaches/trainers, the municipality or the end user);
  • A fully commercial app or one that is to broad, providing non-relevant ads and/or content not tailored to the user’s needs.



  • ROC Mondriaan
  • The Hague University of Applied Sciences (HHS)
  • Lectorates healthy lifestyle in a stimulating environment and the impact of sport
  • Municipality of The Hague: education, youth, sports, city & government
  • It’s my life Fitcoin and Healthcoin


What can you win
Dealing with the same issue, the 5 larger cities and knowledge centers of the Netherlands have shown interest in an up to date measuring tool for lifestyle-linked behaviours, with an easy-to-read dashboard on the back end. We’re currently supported by a substantial network within the sports industry. A successful solution might make its way outside of The Hague too.


The municipality of The Hague is transitioning towards data centered working, with many open issues around the collection of data. Insights for health and lifestyle are just one of the issues. A good solution might be applicable in more than one area. 


Apart from gaining more insight and to help create a healthy sports environment, we also acknowledge the commercial possibilities a good app contains. Moving forward from the challenge, it would be possible to further develop and find more uses for the app.