Mentors & Partners

Support whenever you need it!

The leadmentors of the programme will guide you during the whole programme. They will measure progress weekly and help you when needed. At the beginning of the programme there will be a matching between startups and mentors.

Mentors & Coaches

Each startup will be paired with two mentors – one lead and one challenge mentor – to provide complete guidance throughout the program. While the lead mentors help with the practicalities of the programme, the challenge mentors bring the specific domain expertise.

Ton Jonker

Ton worked as a PwC consultant for 14 years before taking the job as the director of the Amsterdam Economic Board. Recently, he set up a startup programme for Salesforce and now serves as the Chief Innovation Officer of the Provincie Zuid-Holland. His motto? Work hard, play hard.

Duncan Waardenburg

Duncan joined the provincie Zuid-Holland as part of a traineeship and is now a member of the province’s innovation team. Together with colleague Iris Ferreni he set up the Startup in Residence programme and will be responsible for the day-to-day communications with all parties involved.

Partners, Knowledge & Expertise

Would you like to become a partner and work with startups? Let us know! We are always looking for new people and organisations who want to share their expertise and stories.



World Startup Factory
Gerrit Jan van ‘t Veen: “We can’t wait to welcome another bunch of amazing entrepreneurs eager to work on concrete challenges. It takes passion, endurance and a complementary team with impressive skills and capacities to succeed as a startup. It’s exciting for us and our collective of experts and mentors to work with such an eager and competitive group towards the next stage in their journey for a successful enterprise.”




Starthubs is a spin-off of Incredible Crowds, expert in city challenges and development of innovative concepts for over 12 years. Starthubs is responsible for attracting entrepreneurs and innovators who participate in the challenges.