Our Startups

In our first Startup in Residence programme, we are partnering with 9 startups to work on innovative solutions for 5 regional challenges. On Demo Day, which will take place on September 13 during the province’s Festival van de Toekomst (Festival of the Future), founders present their companies and solutions to a room full of potential investors and press.


10XL is a 3D printing service focused on printing large objects. All input materials are recyclable thermoplastics. In this way, 10XL wants to offer direct access to XL hybrid manufacturing to anyone, anywhere and at anytime in a full cradle-to-cradle process. In this way plastic waste is used to make new products, for example furniture.

Website: https://10-xl.nl/

Contact: Gerbert Smits, Linda van Hal, Joep Grapperhaus

Challenge: Turning waste into products


Noorderwind facilitates design sprints in order to accelerate sustainable innovation. Through their expertise in the circular economy, upcycling and product development, the organization supports businesses in finding exciting opportunities for their waste streams. A business brings the challenge: Noorderwind bring together the right experts and designers to compliment  the business’ team members. By applying this method in the innovation process, Noorderwind aims to increase the rate of success of the end products of businesses.

Website: http://www.noorderwind.co/

Contact: Sanne Mylonas & Jill Setjadiningrat

Challenge: Turning waste into products


Cittamap strives to add value to the people of South-Holland by turning data into insight with technology tools. In order to create new life for empty monuments in Zuid-Holland, Cittamap has designed a user-friendly web mapping application. The application enables monitoring and development of reimagined heritage sites. Sites can be monitored along with location, demographic, income, accessibility and surrounding business data. Hereby, the most suitable solutions for the locations can be selected.

Website: https://cittamap.com/

Contact: Gagan Reddy

Challenge: New life for empty monuments


MoNEWments is a dating website/project managements website that brings together monuments and people. The website serves as a network that matches consumers, professionals, innovators and monuments. Once there is a match between a monument and people to fill and finance it, a trajectory is started. During this trajectory, the MoNEWment site can function as a project management site, where those involved can keep in touch and for instance divide tasks. The website is a hub that supports innovation, collaboration, development and investment. In this way, vacancy of buildings, high maintenance costs and housing shortage can be tackled and new life can be breathed into the premises.

Website: Coming soon

Contact: Martijn Lukaart & Christie Haalboom

Challenge: New life for empty monuments


uHoo is dedicated to providing people with technology to understand the air they breathe and empower them with knowledge to create a healthier home and office environment. Through the use of nine sensors uHoo can monitor the air quality indoors for citizens of South – Holland. In this way the citizens become aware of the air quality in its surroundings, while the province get a better insight through the combination of different measure points throughout the region. In this way, not only data will be collected, but it can also trigger awareness and behavioural changes with the people who discover that the air is not always clean.

Website: https://uhooair.com/

Contact: Albert Groenewoud & Jeroen Boevé

Challenge: Measuring air quality


Polisens.io is offering an air pollution monitoring system for (smart) cities. Using the latest developments in sensing technologies and Internet of Things, Polisens.io is creating a hyper-localized map of air pollution in cities, by installing its sensors on public transportation. Combining this data with other data sources, Polisens.io is creating heat maps, reports, and recommendations on how to tackle air pollution in urban settlements.

Website: https://www.intelflows.com/

Contact: Cosmin Pirvu

Challenge: Measuring air quality


EvaNet is developing the bus stop 2.0. The bus stop 2.0  brings together urban and logistical facilities for people, goods and information in rural and peri-urban areas. It is a logistics hub that uses the bus / public transport stop as the central point. As a hub, it combines relevant services performed by partners, for example as lockers for mail delivery, medicines and internet articles. The starting point of the hub is to combine people and goods in one optimal chain.

Website: http://www.evanet.nl/

Contact: Mick Walvisch

Challenge: Bus stop of the future

Studio RAP

Studio RAP is an architectural design and fabrication company. They deliver unique and innovative architectural design projects where they balance stakeholder demands, material performance and production efficiency with a clear design intent. The design process involves high-end computer-based design and robotic fabrication processes. This results in an architecture which is as much expressive as it is efficient. Studio RAP applies state- of- the- art design skills combined with cutting edge 3D printing technology to print the bus stop of the future.

Website: https://studiorap.nl/

Contact: Léon Spikker

Challenge: Bus stop of the future


Waar een conventionele waterkrachtcentrale vaak grote dammen, omleidingskanalen en hoogteverschillen nodig heeft, wordt er bij de Paralleldam actief gebruik gemaakt van de Langsdam. Een Langsdam geleidt water met grote volume en wordt aangelegd in bochten waar de kracht het grootst is. De Nederlandse rivieren zijn daar uitermate geschikt voor. De enorme voorwaartse massa kan omgezet worden in kinetische energie via het concept van de Paralleldam. De Paralleldam is een Langsdam met daarin verzonken een serie achtereen geschakelde waterkracht turbines met een verticale as.

Website: Coming soon. 

Contact: Jeroen van Engelen

Challenge: Sustainable pilots for green corridor