Challenge: Smart school choice

Helpr is specialized in chatbots that interact with adolescents. At this moment we are creating chatbots that can answer simple questions from students about several courses, such as Physics. The chatbots are didactic, so they will not only provide answers to students’ questions but they will challenge students to learn more, better and more efficient. Moreover, the chatbot will test them to see if they have reached the right level of knowledge.

We want to use his technique to help children choose the right study. With the municipality of Diemen, Almere, Amsterdam and Haarlemmermeer we want to explore if online communication with an advanced chatbot can help students to make better decisions about further education. In this process we will have the chatbot consider the prospects of which jobs will be available in the future, so students can make an educated choice, combining their own interests and future job availability.

Erik Methorst
Remy Reurling
Jaap Koelewijn