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Amsterdam is one of the cities with the most canals in the world. The quality of the water has vastly improved because we’re now keeping the canals much cleaner. These days, houseboats are all connected to the sewer, and the canals are also dredged of rubbish. In fact, the water is now so clean that thousands of people swim in the canals every year. A century ago this would have been unthinkable – sewage used to flow straight into the canals. Today, the Amsterdam canal area is on the UNESCO world heritage list.

The water quality is now good enough to provide a home for a variety of aquatic flora and fauna. However, other factors are standing in the way of a large variety of aquatic plants surviving in the canals. One of them is the propellers of the many boats on the canals, which keep stirring up the canal bed, so the water is constantly cloudy. This prevents aquatic plants from getting established. Other factors are that the water is shaded by all the houseboats and mooring places, and there are no shallow banks, which many species of aquatic and waterside plants need to prosper.


The Challenge

Develop an innovative solution to enable more aquatic plants to grow and prosper in the Amsterdam canals



  • Include in the solution a way to contribute to improving biodiversity in Amsterdam’s canals – meaning they can be home to a larger variety of plants and animals.


Issued by: Waternet


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