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In summer 2020, Amsterdam will be one of the twelve cities hosting the EURO 2020 football championship, which is being held in different European countries to mark the championship’s 60th anniversary. UEFA EURO 2020 will be closer to fans than ever before and all football fans will unite to celebrate the best of European culture & football. The theme is ‘bridges connect’. The universal symbol for connection is the bridge. Bridges are important landmarks in all major cities. They have a strong symbolic connection with the host cities. Bridges connect opposites, north and south, east and west. Just like football.

The Netherlands is providing the venue for three group matches and the round of 16. There will be an official UEFA Fan Zone and side events at various locations around the city. If the Dutch team qualifies for the tournament, two or three of the home matches will be played at the Johan Cruijff ArenA. EURO 2020 runs from 12 June to 12 July 2020. The City of Amsterdam, the Dutch Football Association (KNVB), the Johan Cruijff Arena and Schiphol Airport are jointly responsible for organising EURO 2020 in Amsterdam.

During the event, Amsterdam aims to present itself as a sustainable, innovative, creative and inclusive city. The events during EURO 2020 should be accessible to all and make everyone welcome. Amsterdam isn’t aiming at only football fans: the main target group is ‘young urban’ aged 15 to 30.


The Challenge

Come up with an innovative solution to connect sport and sustainability during EURO 2020 and beyond


Pilot and follow-up possibilities

There are plenty of upcoming opportunities for a startup to test the product/service. Depending on the results and requests, there are a variety of sports events, such as the FIBA 3×3 basketball world cup (June), the Wheelchair Fencing European Championships (September), NextGen Games (May), Amsterdam Sevens rugby tournament (June), the KLM Open golf tournament (September) and Jumping Amsterdam (January), Trophy tour (April 2020). Euro2020 will also be promoted during Pride and ADE, and although these aren’t sports events, they also make possible pilot opportunities.


Amsterdam hosts a lot of sports and other events, and sustainability is a top priority, so if the product/service is suitable, it could also be used for other events.


  • The product/service doesn’t necessarily have to be linked to EURO2020 (it must be usable during EURO2020, but preferably also for other events).
  • It’s important to note that football fans won’t be the only visitors. The events will deliberately be kept open to attract a wide range of people. Ideally the product/service will contribute to this appeal.
  • The product/service must be usable during EURO2020, but the theme doesn’t have to be sports. The clear focus must be sustainability.
  • The form is free (product/service/…).
  • The solution is innovative and fun.
  • The product/service has a high profile for fans, local residents and the general public.
  • The product/service is visible and usable throughout the month of EURO2020.
  • The idea is reusable (as befits the theme of sustainability). It should preferably also be usable for other events.


Issued by: Sport en Bos


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