Waste Seperation – closed

In 2013, Amsterdam residents produced an average of 322kg of household waste per person. Refuse that is properly separated is easier to recycle. Therefore, the city would like to see an increase in the percentage of separated waste: from 26% at present to 65% in 2020. To make it easier for residents to separate their waste, the city is working on the provision of information to residents and businesses, and on opportunities for increasing the separation of waste, for example, using underground containers for different kinds of waste. The benefits to residents and businesses include lower refuse collection levies and/or cheaper raw materials.

The Issue:
Increase the percentage of waste separation by making it simpler and more logical for residents and businesses, so that they are more motivated to do their share.

Specific criteria the Start-up should take into account in preparing its bid:

  • Ensure that business are able to produce locally, based on availability of raw material streams
  • Monitor/provide an insight into the roles of partners in the waste chain
  • Ensure the innovative solution brings about an accelerated increase in the percentage of separated waste

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